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4 Keys To Help Your Staff Embrace Online Education

It’s a dilemma that faces many facility administrators today: Why won’t my team take advantage of the online education opportunity we’ve provided them with? Whether it’s due to procrastination or a hectic schedule, many therapists simply don’t make time to sit and complete their courses. The reality is that, since online courses don’t generally have a scheduled time or a mandatory attendance rule, it can be challenging to motivate staff to be proactive.

We’d like to change that.

Here are a few tips on getting your staff excited about this new benefit they have been given and not letting the opportunity to use it slip past.


Embrace The Technology

Technology and the Internet can intimidate some therapists, making them feel comfortable using it is critical.

  • Explain the benefits: Use staff meetings or brochure to outline what staff will take away from online learning and, more importantly, how to use it.
  • Hook them from the start: Introduce new staff with orientation videos, welcome messages and informational packets.
  • Marketing: Tack up posters in communal areas, send out email reminders and include flyers with paychecks that highlight courses employees might like.

2Make it Social

Your corporate university isn’t just for education and training, it’s for building your corporate culture.

  • Host an educational day: Set aside time each quarter to complete courses in a group setting. Choose courses that will benefit all of them and encourage them to discuss the content.
  • Don’t just tell them, show them: Use videos to encourage interactive learning sessions that include discussion and role lab time to explore key topics.


Inform and Engage Your Team Leaders

Educating team leaders about the value of online education and providing administrative tools and reporting functions makes it easier for them to ensure staff are taking advantage of their benefit.

  • Insight into the process: Detail their role in the process, explain ways to create a training schedule and how to compile and submit required report.
  • Arm them with good advice: Coach managers on the best practices to encourage staff to use online learning including understanding their staff’s CE deadlines and requirements, being available to answer questions and rewarding staff for reaching educational milestones.

4Spread The Word!

Success will come with long-term and consistent promotion about the benefits of your eLearning university, it’s features and the rewards it brings.

  • Toot your own horn: Post flyers in staff break rooms that spotlight individuals or groups that reach educational milestones and met deadlines successfully.
  • Tips, tricks and facts: Offer tips for maximizing their learning experience, tricks on sticking to a study schedule or creating the proper learning environment, and facts about the topics available with highlights from the most popular courses.
  • Shout it out loud: Company wide announcements about accomplishments and new content can encourage even the most reluctant staff member to be a part of the excitement.

You’ve provided your staff with a powerful learning resource, but it won’t be worth much if they don’t take advantage of it. Invest a little time and effort to make sure they realize just what it is they have access to and they won’t be the only ones who reap the rewards.

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