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A Better, Faster, Smarter & More Mobile Continuing Education Experience

Continuing Education at Home… and on the Go!

What if you could complete your continuing education requirements at home?

Or… during your workout at the gym?

Or…. while sunbathing on the beach?

Employees who use the learning management system can do all this and more!

New Technology Delivers a Smoother CEU Experience

In our never-ending drive to deliver the best continuing education experience to our valued customers, we are happy to announce that we have completed our upgrade to a new online presentation platform. Not only does the new platform provide trouble-free CEU viewing on laptops and computers, it also offers an even more customizable learning experience.

The new platform requires no software installation or updates, just click the link and go. We’re thrilled with the reliability and lack of technical issues this new platform is delivering to our customers, and we’re sure you’ll be over the moon with the ease and flexibility it offers.

CEUs To Go: Take Your Continuing Education Anywhere!

The even bigger news is now CEU360’s seminar-on-demand courses are viewable on your iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device! Using a new cloud-based solution, we now stream our top of the line continuing education video courses directly to your tablet or smartphone. Take your learning with you, and take even more control of your educational experience.

CEUs To Go!

Completing your continuing education from the comfort of home used to be the be-all, end-all of convenience. Not anymore. Now, employees who use the learning management system can finish up their required continuing education at home, at the office, on the bus or at the beach. The power is, literally, in their hands.

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