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Cheap CEUs don’t have to be “cheap”!

Get Cheap CEUs for Your Healthcare Employees without Sacrificing Quality of Content

Get the best of both worlds: sacrifice price, not quality! Obtain cheap CEUs for your team with exceptional and well-researched content.

Cheap CEUs for Healthcare EmployeesA research study confirms poor continuing education offerings affect patient care: patients do not receive appropriate care or receive unnecessary and harmful care when healthcare professionals utilize ineffective CEU tools. Therefore, it’s critically important that your healthcare employees receive high-quality CEUs. The problem, however, is that most of those “elite” continuing education courses come with a hefty price!

CEU Conferences and Online Course Options:

In the past, health professionals would have to travel to weekend or weeklong conferences to obtain their CEUs. This would result in excessive fees. But, not anymore – CEUs are now readily available online. Still, online courses come with their challenges. In some instances, while health professionals can get cheap CEUs online, they also get cheap CEU content. (Either the actual CE courses are lacking high-quality, well-researched content or they are delivered via a poor content delivery system with bad video and image quality, poorly developed PDFs, etc.)

Reasonably priced, cheap CEUs don’t have to be “cheap” CEUs!

The good news is high-quality continuing education doesn’t have to come with a high price. In fact, many healthcare companies now offer their employees the opportunity to acquire their CEUs at work, on the road or even at home. And, many business owners are pleasantly surprised at the affordability and flexibility a learning management system (LMS) offers.

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CEU360’s LMS includes a vast selection of over 500 hours of elite continuing education:

  • occupational therapy continuing education courses
  • physical therapy continuing education courses
  • SLP CEUs
  • athletic training programs
  • regulatory compliance training courses
  • and more – all in one place!

By utilizing our learning management system at your facility, your employees can receive the benefits of low-cost cheap CEUs without sacrificing content.

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