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Health News: Benefits of Technology in Healthcare

Latest Health News: Benefits of Technology in Healthcare Today, Quest for the Bionic Arm, & More!

Latest Health News Updates

Top Updates:

#1Benefits of Technology in Healthcare Today: How a Smartphone Could Prevent Falls

Can a smartphone prevent falls? Can it help healthcare professionals assess patients’ fall risk? Yes! Here’s how…

#2Scientists Discover a New Way to Enhance Nerve Growth Following Injury

Researchers at the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute uncover a mechanism to promote growth in damaged nerve cells. Could it work for degenerative nerve conditions, too? Find out here.

#3Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy May Increase Autism Risk

Research published in Environmental Health Perspectives supports that children whose mothers are exposed to agricultural pesticides during pregnancy may be at increased risk for autism spectrum disorders, or ASD. They found pregnant women within a mile of an area treated with three different types of pesticides were at a two-thirds higher risk of having a child with ASD or developmental delays. These pesticide-treated areas included parks, golf courses, pastures and roadsides. Do you believe autism is contributed to environmental factors? Tell us below. (Read the research here.)

#4Therapy Controversy: Should OTs Use Art as Therapy or Not?

The use of crafts and other forms of art as therapy was commonplace for OTs up until the 1980’s. Since this time, therapeutic arts and crafts have been limited to pediatric patient populations. But, many OTs assert arts and crafts should be utilized for adult therapy, too. What do you think?

More News:

With the Right Rehabilitation, Paralyzed Rats Learn To Grip Again

After a large stroke, motor skills barely improve, even with rehabilitation. An experiment conducted on rats demonstrates that a course of therapy combining the stimulation of nerve fiber growth with drugs and motor training can be successful. The key, however, is the correct sequence.

Paralyzed Man in Robot Suit Kicks Off World Cup

It lasted only two seconds, but a paralyzed man made history when he kicked off the World Cup in Brazil with the help of a robotic suit. “We did it!!!!” tweeted neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University Medical Center, who led the construction of the exoskeleton.

The Quest for the Bionic Arm

In the past 13 years, nearly 2,000 veterans returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with injuries requiring amputations; 14 percent of those injured veterans required upper extremity amputations. To treat veterans with upper extremity amputations, scientists continue to pursue research and development of bionic arms and hands with full motor and sensory function.

The Truth Behind the “5-Second Rule”

The burger patty that slides off the plate, the ice cream treat that plops on the picnic table, the hot dog that rolls off the grill — conventional wisdom has it that you have five seconds to pick it up before it is contaminated. Fact or folklore?

Texting Therapy? OMG!

Health professionals are beginning to use new technologies to appeal to younger generation. For the millenials in particular, this tech-based therapy seems to be appealing because of how they tend to socialize.

Testosterone Therapy May Cause Heart Attack, Stroke and Premature Death

There’s new evidence that widely prescribed testosterone drugs — touted for men with flagging libidos and general listlessness —increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke and death according to the FDA. But, some men are at higher risk than others.

Legislation Could Bring Changes to Massage Certification

A bill currently before the California State Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development could significantly change the structure of massage certification in California.

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