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Corporate continuing education courses for the New Year!

Corporate Continuing Education Courses for the New Year

Need a New Year’s Resolution? How about devoting some time to career development? To assist you, has hundreds of hours of corporate continuing education courses available.

Corporate Continuing Education Courses

“I want to lose 50 pounds!”

“I’m starting an exercise program.”

“I’m going to quit eating sweets.”

It’s that time of year again… the gyms are full of eager participants ready to tackle their New Year’s goals. So, how can you and your healthcare team take advantage of this “healthy” season, too?

First, set your own personal health goals for the New Year. You can’t effectively motivate your patients (or fellow employees) to jump on the healthy bandwagon if you, yourself, are not in optimum shape. Set a good example and implement a New Year’s Resolution of your own.

Second, help your patients achieve their goals. This time of year patients are determined to lose weight, begin exercising or follow a healthy-eating program. So, take advantage of the opportunity and encourage them in their efforts. To learn more about inspiring healthy habits, utilize one of our corporate continuing education courses:

Obesity in Rehabilitation
4 hours

Warding Off Obesity as we Age
3 hours

Introduction to Wellness: A Rehabilitation Perspective
3 hours

The Power of Partnering on a Nutrition Team!
3 hours

Clinical Exercise Physiology
3 hours

Last, aside from personal health goals make a corporate resolution within your organization. Not sure where to start? How about refining your career development program? Your entire healthcare team can use quality corporate continuing education courses to improve competency, compliance and service.

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The traditional corporate university or employee training software is wrought with administration challenges, shallow educational offerings and yet, can easily skyrocket in price. Luckily, there’s a solution that can minimize expenses, provide a large variety of corporate continuing education courses, and create customized training and education material for your healthcare staff quickly. CEU360 provides a comprehensive learning management system solution for your education, compliance and training needs.

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