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Recent health articles & news for May 2015.

Recent Health Articles: Concussions & Memory Problems. Oblivious Parents? Beyond the Fitbit. Plus, More!

Latest Health News Updates

Top Health Updates:

#1Concussions and Memory Problems: Study Affirms Brain Injury in Retired NFL Players

A new study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows a link between concussions and memory problems. The research affirms retired football players are plagued with memory problems years after their NFL careers have ended. Read More

#29 of 10 Parents of Overweight Children Don’t See the Problem

The APTA reports nearly 95% of parents of overweight children in America don’t perceive their child as overweight, according to a new study that underscores a phenomenon one editorial writer describes as “oblviobesity.”

#3Animal-Assisted Therapy Helps Child with TBI

They introduce their son to a therapy dog. Pay attention to the child’s reaction. Video here.

#4Beyond the Fitbit: Self-Monitoring As a Way of Life

recent article in The Washington Post examines how the trend in self-monitoring technologies has quickly moved beyond the Fitbit, and now includes the ability to document and analyze—and widely share, if you want to—an almost-scary range of daily activities…. Welcome to your life, now more quantified than ever!

More News & Recent Health Articles:

After-school Program Improves Functional Skills in Autistic Children

An after-school program for children with autism featuring activities ranging from golf to indoor surfing significantly improves their motor skills, according to a new pilot study presented in a poster session at Touro College Research Day.

Major Alzheimer’s Risk Gene Opens New Pathway to Prevention

In a groundbreaking new study, researchers from the Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute (BRNI) have discovered that the Apolipoprotein E4 (ApoE4) gene, the major genetic risk factor for the vast majority of late, age-dependent Alzheimer’s patients, can reduce the number of mature, functional synapses in the brain by interfering with the DNA responsible for synapse formation and maintenance. Synaptic loss, a key element of Alzheimer’s disease, often occurs before the onset of amyloid plaques or tangles in Alzheimer’s patients. This new finding could potentially shift current thinking around Alzheimer’s disease-from treatment of the disease to prevention. Read More

The Risk of Exercising Alone

Exercise at any level is not without risk. But, it can be especially dangerous when exercising alone. These prudent safety measures can prevent devastating and even deadly consequences.

School Problems in Children after Concussions

If a school-age child suffers a concussion, how well will he or she do when returning to school and trying to learn? A new study in the journal Pediatrics says that depends on two major factors.

Healthy Diet May Improve Memory, Says Study

New research sheds additional light supporting the long-standing notion that eating a healthy diet could potentially be linked to a lower risk of memory and thinking decline. Read More

Strengthening Hip Muscles May Ease Calf Pain From Blood Vessel Disease

Exercises to strengthen the hips may ease calf pain for people with peripheral artery disease (PAD), a new study suggests.

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