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CEU360 offers compliance training online.

Compliance Training Online

Compliance Training OnlineKeep your employees safe and your company compliant with CEU360’s compliance training online. We provide high quality, low cost training courses for compliance with HIPAA law, JCAHO Standards, OSHA and more.

CEU360’s Compliance Training Online Courses:

HIPAA Privacy & Security Standards

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Background of HIPAA
Chapter 2: Security Standards
Chapter 3: Privacy Standards
Chapter 4: Portability Standards
Chapter 5: ARRA
Chapter 6: HIPAA Violations and Complaint Process


Hepatitis: Preventative Measures to Halt Transmission

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Defining the Premise of Hepatitis
Chapter 2: Understanding Transmission Methods of Hepatitis
Chapter 3: Discovering Prevention Methods of Transmission of Hepatitis
Chapter 4: Mitigating Transmission Risks
Chapter 5: Update on Hepatitis Virus Reporting and Researching


Bloodborne Pathogens

Course Outline:

Chapter1: Introduction to Bloodborne Pathogens
Chapter 2: OSHA Standards and Requirements
Chapter 3: Risks and Prevention
Chapter 4: Evaluating Exposure and Control Plans
Chapter 5: Methods of Compliance


Infection Controls

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Define the Perimeters of Infection
Chapter 2: Consider Categories of Infectious Diseases
Chapter 3: Evaluating Precautions for Infection Control
Chapter 4: Discuss Methods of Infection Control
Chapter 5: The Control of Emerging Infectious Diseases


Patient Rights – Resident Rights

Course Outline:

Chapter1: Considering Resident Rights / Patient Rights
Chapter 2: Rules and Regulations on Resident / Patient Rights
Chapter 3: Specifics of Patient Rights
Chapter 4: Considerations of the Specifics of Resident Rights
Chapter 5: Considerations of the Violations of Resident / Patient Rights



Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Description of The Causes Tuberculosis
Chapter 2: Explanation of How TB is Spread
Chapter 3: Identification of Groups Most at Risk for TB Transmission
Chapter 4: Evaluation of the Testing and Diagnosing Process for TB
Chapter 5: Description of TB Treatment Adherence Strategies


Age Specific Care and the Population We Serve

Course Outline:

Chapter1: Overview of Age Specific Care
Chapter 2: Care for the Young Patient
Chapter 3: Care for the Older Children
Chapter 4: Care for the Young and Middle Age Adult
Chapter 5: Care for the Geriatric Patient


Need Assistance with Your Staff’s Regulatory Compliance Training or Establishing an Efficient Employee Training Plan?

Training in the proper performance of a job is time and money well spent, and the employer should regard it as an investment rather than an expense. An effective regulatory compliance training program can result in better morale, fewer work injuries, and lower insurance premiums, among other benefits. If you are interested in updating your current employee training plan or policies, or you would like more information about utilizing CEU360’s compliance training online courses, please sign up for a free demo here. We look forward to assisting with your compliance needs!

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