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Recent health articles & news for September 2015.

Recent Health Articles: Less Toddler Play, More Sensory Issues? High Rate of Brain Disease in NFL Players; Plus, More!

Latest Health News Updates

Top Health Updates:

#1 The Decline of Play in Preschoolers — and The Rise in Sensory Issues

Research continues to point out that young children learn best through meaningful play experiences, yet many preschools are transitioning from play-based learning to becoming more academic in nature. Could this be contributing to the rise in sensory issues? Read More 

#2 87 of 91 Tested Ex-NFL Players had Brain Disease Linked to Head Trauma

Eighty-seven of 91 former NFL players who donated their brains to science after death tested positive for a brain disease that is believed to be linked with repeated head trauma and concussions, according to researchers.

#3 Robotic Hand Provides Paralyzed Man with ‘Near-Natural’ Sense of Touch

Scientists reveal how a 28-year-old paralyzed man has become the first person to regain a “near-natural” sense of touch with the help of a robotic hand directly connected to his brain.

#4 PTs Receiving 2016 CMS Payment Penalties Related to 2014 PQRS

Physical therapists (PTs) in private practice and other providers who participate in the physician quality reporting system (PQRS) are being sent notices from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) about a potential 2016 “negative payment adjustment,” depending on whether they met satisfactory reporting requirements in 2014. Read More

More News & Recent Health Articles:

A Sprained Ankle May Have Lifelong Consequences

Tens of thousands of Americans sprain an ankle every year. But ankle sprains get little respect, with most of us shrugging off the injury as inconsequential and soon returning to normal activities. Several new studies, however, suggest that the effects of even a single sprained ankle could be more substantial and lingering than we have supposed, potentially altering how well and often someone moves, for life.

Pesticides Tied to Childhood Cancers

Childhood exposure to indoor insecticides is associated with an increased risk for certain childhood cancers, a new study has found.

PT Inventors Among Those Honored by Smithsonian

This month, a “prone progressive crawler” device developed by 2 PTs will be among 13 projects selected by the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History to be featured in an upcoming celebration of collaboration between the Institution and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Read More

State Obesity Rates Hold Steady; 30 Percent or More in 22 States

New government data shows that in most states, the rate of adult obesity is not moving.

Intensive OT, PT Might Relieve Children’s Fibromyalgia Pain without Meds

Intensive occupational and physical therapy with psychosocial support might treat fibromyalgia pain for children without using medication, according to a recent study.

Continued Smoking after MS Diagnosis Linked to Accelerated Progression

Continued smoking after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis appears to be associated with accelerated disease progression compared with those patients who quit smoking, according to a study.

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