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August 2016 – Recent Health Articles: Opioids, Therapy Games, Michael Phelps, Post-Stroke Brain Damage Reversal & MORE….

Top Health Updates:


#1Avoid Opioids – Alternative Pain Management Options

With millions of people experiencing some form of pain, educating the public about alternative treatments is the responsibility of the medical and healthcare community.  New reports continue to come out about abuse and overutilization of opioid drugs, unfortunately amongst all socioeconomic levels across the United States. – Read More

#2 DDR-Style Games May Help Stroke Victims Recover Faster

Dr. Judy Deutsch, a professor in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences at Rutgers University has created a video game called V-Step which can aid in the recovery therapy used to treat stroke victims. Similar to the game “Dance Dance Revolution,” players move their arms and legs to fulfill a series of on-screen commands. – Read More

#3 THIS Therapy Improves Motor Skills for Children with Cerebral Palsy

THIS form of therapy may improve gross motor function such as arms and legs coordination, and walking for children with cerebral palsy, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science. 

#4 Need for Physical Therapists Expected to Keep Increasing

When Carley Mills hurt her shoulder playing basketball in the eighth grade, her days of shooting hoops were soon over. But she says the injury helped her discover what would become her future 
career: physical therapy. Read More

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Could Brain Damage Post-stroke Be Reversed?

Researchers in a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study say they have found a combination of human stem cells and a protein that created new, functional neurons in the brains of stroke-induced mice. Read More

We’re All Responsible For Our Opioid Reliance—Even Patients

Opioids are remarkable. But for some people, opioids are a little too remarkable. The well-being sensation from a pill prescribed after a surgical procedure can be life-changing. And some patients come back for more. As my mentor told me, prescribing opioid is like an airplane that is easy to take off the ground—but very difficult to land. – Read More

Flotation Therapy for Stress Relief

If Mitch Jordan’s new BMW had suffered a hit-and-run accident eight months ago, the venture capitalist owner near Pasadena, California, would have fumed. “I would have felt such resentment and anger toward whoever this person was,” imagines Jordan, 48, whose last name has been changed to protect his privacy.

But when that very scenario happened recently, he only felt one emotion: appreciation for the couple who witnessed the event, captured it on camera and offered to act as witnesses for insurance claims. “There are some good people out there that cover your back,” Jordan says he realized. “And so rather than being upset, I found myself only focusing on gratitude.” Read More

Michael Phelps Did It. Should You?

If you watched Michael Phelps Rio Games debut several weeks ago, when he propelled the United States 4×100-meter relay team to a gold medal, you may have also noticed him and several other Olympians with those skin marks as if they’d been in a bar fight. Well, those telltale dots actually are signs of “cupping,” an ancient Chinese healing practice that is experiencing an Olympic moment. – Watch Report

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