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In The Loop – October 2016 Recent Health Articles: Football on the brain, More healthy years for seniors, Obamacare premiums soaring and much more…

In The Loop – October 2016 Recent Health Articles: Football on the brain, More healthy years for seniors, Obamacare premiums soaring and much more…

Top Health Updates:

Brain Changes Seen In Kids After One Season of Football

Just one season of competitive football may cause changes in some young players’ developing brains, even if they don’t get a concussion during play, a small study found. – Read More

 Obamacare Premiums To Soar 22%

Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket an average of 22% for the benchmark silver plan in 2017, according to a government report released Monday. – Read More

 CDC: 2 in 10 Health Care Workers Didn’t Get Flu Vaccines; 3 in 10 in Long-Term Care Settings

About 20% of health care personnel didn’t receive influenza vaccines during the 2015-2016 flu season, with employees in long-term care settings reporting an even higher—albeit improved—rate of non-vaccination, according to new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). – Read More 

 Healthy Living May Mean More Healthy Years for Seniors

Seniors who eat healthy, exercise regularly, keep a trim waistline and stay away from smoking can look forward to more disability-free years, a new study finds. Read More


Americans Are Changing Their Supplements of Choice

A team led by David Brough, PhD from the University of Manchester found that the anti-inflammatory drug completely reversed memory loss and brain inflammation in mice. Nearly everybody will at some point in their lives take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; mefenamic acid, a common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), is routinely used for period pain. – Read More

Cerebral Palsy: Innovative Physical Therapy Research Improves Kids’ Lives

Few treatment options are available for children with moderate-to-severe cerebral palsy (CP), so when Brayden Starr, 5, was diagnosed as an infant with the brain injury that impairs body movement and muscle coordination, his parents resolved to find ways to provide their son with the best possible quality of life. – Read More

How Occupational Therapists Can Help With Transition from Hospital To Home

Leaving the hospital can be extremely complicated if you have had a serious health condition or injury. How do you get back to everyday routines, especially if your body and mind aren’t able to do what they did so easily before? Read More

Many Adults Unaware That Using E-cigarettes Can Hurt Kids

Many Americans don’t know that indoor use of electronic cigarettes exposes children to nicotine and leaves nicotine deposits on surfaces, a new survey shows. Read More

Parkinson’s Disease: Understanding and Managing The Symptoms

Research has shown that activity and exercises significantly improve mobility for Parkinson’s disease patients. However, it is important for these patients to learn and engage in an exercise routine that is specifically geared toward helping with the disease. – Read More

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