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In The Loop November 2016 – Brain implants for ALS patients, online retailers selling recalled toys, a revolutionary game for Dementia and much more!

In The Loop November 2016 – Brain implants for ALS patients, online retailers selling recalled toys, a revolutionary game for Dementia and much more!

Top Health Updates:

Workers’ comp rehabilitation has changed. Here’s what employers should know.

For an injured worker who has been away from the job for an extended period of time, re-entry into the workforce can prove challenging, both physically and psychologically. Advanced work rehabilitation (level II return-to-work) programs can significantly improve the likelihood of a successful transition and help to prevent re-injury — if the right rehabilitative path is chosen. – Read More

 Specialized therapy can increase cancer survivors’ mobility

Physical therapy specialists in western Montana say people in all phases of cancer can get help to become more mobile, whether they were recently diagnosed or finished their treatment years ago. – Read More

 This game tests for Dementia

A mobile game has revealed the navigational skills of people around the world in a bid to develop an accurate test for dementia. The smartphone game called… – Read More 

 Brain Implant helps woman with ALS communicate

In 2008, mother of three Hanneke de Bruijne was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Over the next eight years, her life would change significantly as the nerves controlling her bodily movements degenerated. She would lose the ability to move her legs, arms, fingers and eventually even her face, leaving her locked inside her body, barely able to communicate with those around her. Breathing would require a mechanical ventilator. But in 2015, she received a brain implant that… – Read More

US Dementia Rates Drop 24%

A new study finds that the prevalence of dementia has fallen sharply in recent years, most likely as a result of Americans’ rising educational levels and better heart health, which are both closely related to brain health. – Read More 

A Journey Out of Pain and Away From Painkillers, Thanks to Physical Therapy

Morgan Hay had been down with the flu for about a week and was starting to get bored. So she turned on a horror movie to break up the monotony. It worked: not long into the movie, she jumped off the couch and attempted to run upstairs, away from all the scariness, only to slam her right big toe into a stair. The resultant pain was intense… – Read More 

Consumer watchdog warns some recalled toys still being sold online

Leaving the hospital can be extremely complicated if you have had a serious health condition or injury. How do you get back to everyday routines, especially if your body and mind aren’t able to do what they did so easily before? Read More 

More Years Playing Football, Greater Risk of Brain Disease

Researchers say they can show that brain inflammation from football head trauma may lead to the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the devastating degenerative brain disease. The longer someone plays contact sports… Read More

Possible Link Between Aerobic Exercise and Improvement in Cognitive Function in Patients With Vascular-Based Impairment

Although results are far from conclusive, a recently published “proof of concept” study points to the possibility that aerobic exercise could improve cognitive performance among older adults with a type of impairment caused by problems with blood supply to the brain.- Read More 

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