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February 2017 In The Loop – Early Brain Scan for Autism, Crucial Progress in Common Cold Cure, Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough & More

February 2017 In The Loop – Early Brain Scan for Autism, Crucial Progress in Common Cold Cure, Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough & More

Top Health Updates:

Brain scans detect signs of Autism in high-risk babies before age 1

It may be possible to detect autism in babies before their first birthdays, a much earlier diagnosis than ever before, a small new study finds. Using magnetic-resonance imaging scans, researchers at the University of North Carolina were able to predict… – Read More

‘Crucial step forward’ in the search to cure the common cold

Scientists say they are one step closer to cracking the genetic “enigma” code behind the common cold. The researchers believe the new insight could help find a cure… – Read More

Dietary prebiotics improve sleep, buffer impacts of stress, says study

In recent years, reams of research papers have shed light on the health benefits of probiotics, the “good bacteria” found in fermented foods and dietary supplements. Now a first-of-its kind study by University of Colorado Boulder scientists suggests that… – Read More 

Type 2 diabetes prevented in 80% of at-risk patients thanks to repurposed drug

A weight loss drug has reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 80% compared to placebo. The drug, which increases the amount of appetite-supressing hormones produced by the gut, was… – Read More

Eat more fruit and veg for a longer life, researchers say

Eating this many portions of fruit and vegetables a day could significantly reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and early death, according to new research… – Read More 

Bad heart? Time to hit the gym

Rick Murphy, a real estate appraiser in Atlanta, had no idea he had a bad heart. When Murphy turned 50, he decided it was time to get in shape. It wasn’t long before he progressed from running races to an Ironman triathlon… – Read More

‘Superbug’ infections striking more U.S. kids

A type of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection has increased an alarming number in American children since 2007, a new investigation reveals… Read More 

What’s a ‘Sports Pain Jedi’ and why should you see one?

Exercise. Eat right. Don’t smoke. If you follow these prescriptions, chances are pretty good you’ll live a long, healthy life. But with a longer life comes a good bit more wear and tear on your body, much of which is… Read More

Is your stroke recovery stalling?

Recovering from a stroke is frustrating. When time passes and you’re still not where you want to be – with no signs of progress – you might be tempted to accept the status quo. But don’t give us, experts say… Read More

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