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March 2017 In The Loop – Alzheimer’s treatments, unlikely benefit of Spinach, early Autism predictions, lack of athletic trainers & Much More!

Top Health Updates:

CDC: TBI Due to Falls Climbing at a Disproportionate Rate Among Older Adults

According to the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), better public awareness of the symptoms of and the need to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) may partly explain why the rates of emergency department (ED) visits rose between… – Read More

Autism predicted by infant brain changes, study says

It may be possible to predict whether an infant will go on to develop autism, researchers say. Overgrowth in brain volume during the first year of life forecasts whether a child at high risk of developing… – Read More

Scientists Use Spinach Leaves to Make Human Heart Tissue

Researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the University of Wisconsin–Madison and Arkansas State University–Jonesboro placed human heart cells onto spinach leaves stripped of plant cells – effectively creating working… – Read More 

Researchers focus on cell membranes to develop Alzheimer’s treatments

These parts of the cell membranes of neurons turn out to be particularly vulnerable to a protein that collects in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s disease, according to a University of Michigan researcher… – Read More

Most US high schools lack athletic trainers

Many U.S. high schools don’t offer athletic training services and few employ full-time athletic trainers, according to a new study…. – Read More 

Brains of those with ADHD show smaller structures related to emotion

People diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have smaller brain… – Read More

How does nutrition affect children’s school performance?

As politicians debate spending and cuts in President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, there have been questions about the effects of nutrition programs for kids…. Read More 

What are we doing about the opioid epidemic?

If you’ve just come out of surgery or are suffering from chronic pain, you probably appreciate medicine that numbs it, like opioids. Unfortunately, research shows that even medical use of opioids comes with a cost… Read More

Birth control pills may protect against some cancers for decades

When it comes to oral contraceptives, women often hear about the increased cancer risk they pose. A new study, however, finds that the using birth control pills may protect against certain cancers for at least… Read More

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