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July 2017 In The Loop: Payment Reform, Therapy Cap, Rush Hour Pollution and More!

Top Health Updates:

#1Survey Reveals Differences in Readiness for Payment Reform Among Large Health Care Organizations

The march toward value-based payment models may be on, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s moving in lockstep—or even moving at all.
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#2Congressional Hearing on Medicare Addresses Therapy Cap, Speech-Generating Devices

The Medicare cap on outpatient rehabilitation therapy services and coverage of speech-generating devices were among the topics discussed at a House Subcommittee on Health hearing on July 20th that examined 11 bipartisan bills seeking to improve Medicare.
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#3Scans May Show Consciousness in ‘Comatose’ Patients

Sophisticated brain scans might be able to detect consciousness in brain injury patients who appear unconscious in the intensive care unit, a new study says.
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#4Occupational Therapy Helps Young Adults with Diabetes

An occupational therapy intervention can help improve HbA1cand improve quality of life in young adults with diabetes, new research finds.- Read More

More News & Recent Health Articles:

Many People Being Treated for Alzheimer’s May Not Actually Have It

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s is a guessing game—and many doctors are guessing wrong, according to early results from a new study presented in London.- Read More.

Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Has Mental Illness or Drug Problem

Nearly 1 in 5 American adults deals with a mental illness or substance abuse problem each year, a U.S. government study says.- Read More

Rush Hour Pollution May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Everyone knows that exposure to pollution during rush hour traffic can be hazardous to your health, but it’s even worse than previously thought.- Read More

Targeting 9 Risk Factors Could Prevent 1 in 3 Dementia Cases: Study

One-third of dementia cases worldwide might be prevented by paying attention to nine risk factors throughout life, researchers say.-Read More

Oxygen Therapy Revives Brain of Toddler Who Nearly Drowned

In one of the first such confirmed cases, an Arkansas toddler who suffered severe brain injury after nearly drowning has had that brain damage reversed, using a new treatment. –Read More

Parkinson’s Disease and Melanoma May Occur Together, Study Finds

People with Parkinson’s disease are about four times more likely to develop melanoma skin cancer, and conversely, people with melanoma have a fourfold higher risk of getting Parkinson’s, researchers report. –Read More

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