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September 2017 In the Loop – Dangers of Delayed Hospice Care, Stuttering Treatment, Increasing Stroke Deaths and Much More!

Top Health Updates:

#1Many May Get Hospice Care Too Late

Despite a growing list of debilitating symptoms during the final months of life, most seniors never receive end-of-life hospice care — or they delay doing so until their last few weeks of life, new research finds… – Read More

#2Hurricanes’ Toll on Mental Health Will Linger

Even after the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma disappears, survivors could still suffer from mental stress caused by the massive storms, experts say…Read More

#3 Football Fans Still Loyal Despite Concerns About Players’ Brains

Football remains America’s favorite professional sport, even though a majority of fans admit they’re concerned about brain injuries to players, according to a new survey… The University of Massachusetts Lowell-Washington Post poll revealed that more than 80 percent believe there is either certainly or probably settled science that playing football causes brain injuries… – Read More

#4How to Clear Four Common Roadblocks to Coverage of Stuttering Treatment

Ease your clients’ and your own anxiety by learning how to navigate through (or around) these four common insurance roadblocks… – Read More

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American Nurses Association Calls for Action in Wake of Police Abuse of Registered Nurse

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is outraged that a registered nurse was handcuffed and arrested by a police officer for following her hospital’s policy and the law, and is calling for the Salt Lake City Police Department to conduct a full investigation, make amends to the nurse, and take action to prevent future abuses… – Read More

“Lumbar Fusion Is Usually a Business Model, Not Effective Treatment”

“A new study again shows that for the most severe low back patients with spinal stenosis and slipped vertebrae, adding in hardware does nothing but enrich hardware manufacturers and surgeons.”… Read More

New Tests Could Offer Early Alzheimer’s Warning

One of the tests takes about 20 minutes. It is noninvasive, affordable, and has been highly accurate in determining if someone does not have the disease and also has a good track record for being able to tell patients when they do have it… Read More

Uptick in U.S. Stroke Deaths Sets Off Alarms: CDC

Progress in preventing stroke deaths in the United States has stalled after 40 years of decline, and may even be reversing, government health officials say. Furthermore, Americans are suffering strokes at younger ages now, too… Read More

Fluoride Exposure in Utero Linked to Lower IQ in Kids, Study Says

Increased levels of prenatal fluoride exposure may be associated with lower cognitive function in children, a new study says… – Read More

Turn It Off: Study Finds TV-Watching Linked to Higher Risk of Later Mobility Disability in Older Adults

Older adults who choose to spend most of their time sitting and very little time being physically active risk sacrificing their mobility later on: that’s the conclusion of a new study that says adults 50 to 71 who spend more than 5 hours a day watching television and fewer than 3 hours a week being physically active triple their chances of experiencing a mobility disability at some point in the future… – Read More

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