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What is “White Label LMS”?

The term “white label” began back during the disco era when vinyl records were pre-released to the press and radio stations. Before the album artwork was designed and printed, promotional copies of records were sent out in white sleeves to stir up excitement about upcoming record releases.

Although records are now antiquated, the term “white label” has lingered over the years and taken on new meanings. Today, “white label” most often refers to a product or service that is created by one company and distributed under another company’s brand name. In the case of “white label LMS”, a learning management system is custom-designed with unique content (company logos, font, etc.) to integrate with an organization’s branding.

White label can also refer to the actual content stored within a learning management system. In’s learning management system, clients can produce tailored seminar-on-demand training and educational white label videos for their employees in addition to having access to a white label branded university experience.

CEU360's LMS

Choose CEU360 to Design Your White Label LMS:

  • White Label LMSBranded University.’s design experts can quickly brand your learning management system complete with your logo, custom URL, and custom login page to ensure your employees have a seamless experience.
  • Custom Content Creation. can create new training and educational content for your organization with a matter of days (not months or even weeks) which means you don’t have to wait to provide company messaging and training materials to your employees.
  • Utilization Tracking & Reporting.’s customized reports ensure you are able to track usage and compliance on your terms.
  • No IT Department Involvement. The LMS enables a rich learning environment free from many of the headaches that plague most online delivery mediums such as limited media types, extensive buffering, sub-par audio quality, and poor presentation. And best of all: our agile solution requires no expensive IT department. With minimal training to use and deploy, the CEU360 LMS is a simple choice that fulfills your education and training needs.

Get a White Label LMS for Your Company’s robust learning management system delivers customized company messaging, continuing education, and employee training materials.

Tour the LMS technology for free right now.→

Latest Health News: Benefits of Technology in Healthcare Today, Quest for the Bionic Arm, & More!

Latest Health News Updates

Top Updates:

#1Benefits of Technology in Healthcare Today: How a Smartphone Could Prevent Falls

Can a smartphone prevent falls? Can it help healthcare professionals assess patients’ fall risk? Yes! Here’s how…

#2Scientists Discover a New Way to Enhance Nerve Growth Following Injury

Researchers at the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute uncover a mechanism to promote growth in damaged nerve cells. Could it work for degenerative nerve conditions, too? Find out here.

#3Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy May Increase Autism Risk

Research published in Environmental Health Perspectives supports that children whose mothers are exposed to agricultural pesticides during pregnancy may be at increased risk for autism spectrum disorders, or ASD. They found pregnant women within a mile of an area treated with three different types of pesticides were at a two-thirds higher risk of having a child with ASD or developmental delays. These pesticide-treated areas included parks, golf courses, pastures and roadsides. Do you believe autism is contributed to environmental factors? Tell us below. (Read the research here.)

#4Therapy Controversy: Should OTs Use Art as Therapy or Not?

The use of crafts and other forms of art as therapy was commonplace for OTs up until the 1980’s. Since this time, therapeutic arts and crafts have been limited to pediatric patient populations. But, many OTs assert arts and crafts should be utilized for adult therapy, too. What do you think?

More News:

With the Right Rehabilitation, Paralyzed Rats Learn To Grip Again

After a large stroke, motor skills barely improve, even with rehabilitation. An experiment conducted on rats demonstrates that a course of therapy combining the stimulation of nerve fiber growth with drugs and motor training can be successful. The key, however, is the correct sequence.

Paralyzed Man in Robot Suit Kicks Off World Cup

It lasted only two seconds, but a paralyzed man made history when he kicked off the World Cup in Brazil with the help of a robotic suit. “We did it!!!!” tweeted neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University Medical Center, who led the construction of the exoskeleton.

The Quest for the Bionic Arm

In the past 13 years, nearly 2,000 veterans returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with injuries requiring amputations; 14 percent of those injured veterans required upper extremity amputations. To treat veterans with upper extremity amputations, scientists continue to pursue research and development of bionic arms and hands with full motor and sensory function.

The Truth Behind the “5-Second Rule”

The burger patty that slides off the plate, the ice cream treat that plops on the picnic table, the hot dog that rolls off the grill — conventional wisdom has it that you have five seconds to pick it up before it is contaminated. Fact or folklore?

Texting Therapy? OMG!

Health professionals are beginning to use new technologies to appeal to younger generation. For the millenials in particular, this tech-based therapy seems to be appealing because of how they tend to socialize.

Testosterone Therapy May Cause Heart Attack, Stroke and Premature Death

There’s new evidence that widely prescribed testosterone drugs — touted for men with flagging libidos and general listlessness —increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke and death according to the FDA. But, some men are at higher risk than others.

Legislation Could Bring Changes to Massage Certification

A bill currently before the California State Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development could significantly change the structure of massage certification in California.

Give Us Your Input!

What do you think about the latest health news? Are there any recent discoveries that surprise you? Pique your interest? Are a cause for concern? Share your comments below.

CEU360 to Deliver Cutting-Edge Learning Management Solutions for Touchstone Rehabilitation, Inc.


June 13, 2014 takes one of the most advanced team learning management solutions available to San Antonio, Texas in a new partnership with Touchstone Rehabilitation, Inc., with one of the most advanced team learning solutions available, has announced a contract signing with Touchstone Rehabilitation, Inc. The new alliance enables the Texas-based company to provide an online learning environment with 24-hour access to elite continuing education courses and regulatory compliance training for their staff of therapists.’s sophisticated learning management system contains a continually growing education library of on-demand video seminars. Utilizing the advanced system is a convenient way for Touchstone’s team to comply with both mandatory state licensing and compliance regulations. Lynda Jennings, Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Rehabilitation, states, “The transition to was really easy. We particularly like the access to course materials and the video component of the CE presentations. We highly recommend to other rehab vendors.”

DeAndrea Laub, Director of Operations for, speaks of the new agreement: “Touchstone makes it a priority to motivate and retain the best staff possible while simultaneously providing excellent elder care. Our ability to deliver over 600 hours of video-based continuing education with over 300 hours of courses centering on geriatric and elder care makes the partnership a perfect fit. will facilitate a flexible, streamlined and customizable learning environment for Touchstone’s rehab and support staff.”

About Touchstone Rehabilitation

Touchstone Communities® provides comprehensive elder Rehabilitation Services including Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies. Their therapists are specially trained in the treatment of fractured hips, hip replacements, knee replacements, strokes, complicated medical situations, and general de-conditioning.

About provides state-of-the-art learning management solutions for healthcare teams, combining elite continuing education and regulatory compliance training with technologically-advanced content delivery and learning management systems. To learn more about, visit or call 1-855-2CEU360.

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News & Health Awareness Dates

Awareness Dates: What’s Happening In June?


As a health professional, do you look for opportunities to raise awareness? Are you involved in programs in your community or nationally? If not, here are great opportunities for the month of June:

National Aphasia Awareness Month:

National Aphasia Association

National Safety Month:

Week 1: Prevent prescription drug abuse
Week 2: Stop slips, trips and falls
Week 3: Be aware of your surroundings
Week 4: Put an end to distracted driving
Bonus week: Summer safety

National Safety Council

Men’s Health Month:

Men’s Health Month

Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month:

Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America

Recent News: Our Mobile & Tablet Platform

Did you know the average American checks his/her cell phone at least 150 times per day according to Forbes Magazine?

Put your mobile device to good use! You can access training videos and over 650+ hours of continuing education… on the go? As featured in America Now, we offer our Seminar-On-Demand courses straight to your tablet or mobile phone.

Read Our Story on America Now

CEU360’s Premier Learning Management System Continues to Dominate the Technology of Healthcare


June 11, 2014 secures yet another new contract, growing their list of exclusive clientele who now utilize the most advanced learning management system for healthcare teams.

(Plano, Texas)CEU360’s learning management system (LMS) is unlike any other. Established in Plano, Texas by physical therapists, Brandon and Anne Osborn, the LMS was created by clinicians exclusively for clinicians. The Osborns identified a need early in their therapy careers: the scarcity of convenient and cost-effective continuing education for healthcare professionals. Thus, was developed to streamline continuing education, training programs, and compliance training for healthcare teams.

Adding to their growing list of clients, has recently announced a contract signing with Windsor Rehab, LTD. The new alliance ensures Windsor Rehab’s employees have access to’s state-of-the-art learning management system and online continuing education courses.

When asked how continues to acquire new contracts with the nation’s leading healthcare teams, DeAndrea Laub, Director of Operations for, responds, “Our focus on the customer and a commitment to continually improving our products and our services result in a company that understands the unique needs of each organization we partner with. We exceed the other LMS providers because we devote ourselves not only to meeting our partner’s needs, but also surpassing them.”

About combines a technologically advanced content delivery system and cutting-edge learning management system to produce the most innovative team learning solution available. To learn more about, visit or call 1-855-2CEU360.

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Get Cheap CEUs for Your Healthcare Employees without Sacrificing Quality of Content

Get the best of both worlds: sacrifice price, not quality! Obtain cheap CEUs for your team with exceptional and well-researched content.

Cheap CEUs for Healthcare EmployeesA research study confirms poor continuing education offerings affect patient care: patients do not receive appropriate care or receive unnecessary and harmful care when healthcare professionals utilize ineffective CEU tools. Therefore, it’s critically important that your healthcare employees receive high-quality CEUs. The problem, however, is that most of those “elite” continuing education courses come with a hefty price!

CEU Conferences and Online Course Options:

In the past, health professionals would have to travel to weekend or weeklong conferences to obtain their CEUs. This would result in excessive fees. But, not anymore – CEUs are now readily available online. Still, online courses come with their challenges. In some instances, while health professionals can get cheap CEUs online, they also get cheap CEU content. (Either the actual CE courses are lacking high-quality, well-researched content or they are delivered via a poor content delivery system with bad video and image quality, poorly developed PDFs, etc.)

Reasonably priced, cheap CEUs don’t have to be “cheap” CEUs!

The good news is high-quality continuing education doesn’t have to come with a high price. In fact, many healthcare companies now offer their employees the opportunity to acquire their CEUs at work, on the road or even at home. And, many business owners are pleasantly surprised at the affordability and flexibility a learning management system (LMS) offers.

Learn More → Return on Investment Calculator

CEU360’s LMS includes a vast selection of over 500 hours of elite continuing education:

  • occupational therapy continuing education courses
  • physical therapy continuing education courses
  • SLP CEUs
  • athletic training programs
  • regulatory compliance training courses
  • and more – all in one place!

By utilizing our learning management system at your facility, your employees can receive the benefits of low-cost cheap CEUs without sacrificing content.

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Opinion Poll: Occupational Therapy Activity Ideas – Should OTs Use Art as Therapy?

Give us your feedback: Should OTs treating adult populations utilize art as therapy? And if so, what artistic occupational therapy activity ideas do you recommend for the adult population?

Occupational Therapy Activity Ideas – Should OTs Use Art as Therapy?The use of crafts and other forms of art as therapy was commonplace for OTs up until the 1980’s. Since this time, therapeutic arts and crafts have been limited to pediatric patient populations. But, many OTs assert arts and crafts should be utilized for adult therapy, too. This doesn’t mean adults should be reduced to coloring in picture books, but there is evidence to show painting and other “adult” artistic activities can prove beneficial for both muscle and brain stimulation. But first…

The History of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy began around 100 BC when Asclepiades, a Greek Doctor, used exercise and massage to attend to mentally ill patients. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century when Phillipe Pinel and Johan Christian Reil actually developed the profession of “occupational therapy”. Since this time, treatment protocols have evolved:

1910s – First practitioners in OT profession, called “reconstructive aides”, worked during World War I to rehabilitate disabled soldiers and civilian patients. Arts and crafts were a big part of treatment modalities at this time.

1942-1960 – Often referred to as the “rehabilitation movement,” and occupational therapists were called to organize and run rehabilitation programs for injured veterans and advances were extended to include those with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy.

1960s -1970s – The entire medical profession moved towards specialization, and occupational therapy followed suit. Services for individuals with developmental disabilities and pediatric disorders expanded greatly during this time. Utilizing arts and crafts therapeutically for the pediatric population was a natural development.

1980s-1990s – Occupational therapy became more involved in education, prevention, screening programs and health maintenance efforts. The use of art as therapy declined dramatically and therapists were only using crafts 20% of the time.

2000s – In May 2002, the American Occupational Therapy Association adopted a revised framework of practice for the profession. The new practice framework, Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process, returned to the roots of participation in “occupation” as the focus of the profession.

*Accessed via Washington State University.

Should OTs Use Art as Therapy?

Any activity like drawing, painting or working with clay helps stimulate muscle movement in the hands, arms, and shoulders. It also benefits patients with cognitive impairments by stimulating the creative parts of the brain. Over time, however, OTs have become disillusioned with the use of arts and crafts in their therapeutic practices. Today, approximately half of OTs use arts and crafts in their practice – most often with pediatric populations.

Attention OTs and OTAs! Give us Your Feedback…

Do you feel that OTs should include crafts and other art as therapy in adult patient treatment? Or, do you think this is an antiquated therapy method? Perhaps you feel this treatment method should be limited to pediatrics?

Give us your opinion:

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(Results update daily.)

Would you recommended art as therapy for adults? Why or why not? If you feel artistic therapies are beneficial treatment, what artistic occupational therapy activity ideas would you recommend for the adult population? Tell us in the comments section below.

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