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We’re Headed To CSM2014 In The Bright Light City!

That’s right! We’re packing our bags and our good luck charms and rolling into Las Vegas on February 3rd to the 6th for the 2014 APTA Combined Sections Meeting. If you’ve ever been to one of these events, you’ll know that it’s not only full of great learning opportunities, it’s also packed with ridiculous amounts of fun.

CSM 2014 will bring together more than 10,000 physical therapy professionals from around the nation for 5 stimulating days of exceptional programming, networking opportunities, and an exhibit hall filled with products and services at the The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Plan on attending? Stop by and see us at Booth #664! We always have fun and free stuff for our therapy family.

Elevate Your Team’s Learning with Customized Education Programs

If you are a compliance officer, clinical program director, or clinical education director, you might be asking yourself “How can I train my entire staff, without shutting down patient care? Or, “How will I gather my entire team together for this training?” can help you solve these challenges and more.

Looking for Something New in October?

There are no stale cobwebs here! We released several new courses for your therapy team just last week and we’re super excited to share them with you!

  • Touch and Brain Development: Infant to Child
  • Reducing the Everyday Risks for Children: Carseats, Falls and Backpacks
  • What’s in Your or Your Patient’s Medicine Cabinet?: Ten Facts Every Healthcare Professional Should Know!
  • Pharmacology Through Case Studies
  • Warding Off Obesity As We Age: Update on the Role of Nutritional Exercise
  • Seating Assessment, Biomechanics and Product Options
  • Documenting Medical Necessity in Today’s Reimbursement Environment
  • Evidence Based Practice: Falls and balance Assessment
  • Evidence Based Practice: Activities of Daily Living Assessment
  • Multi-Level Dining Programming
  • Strategies for Success When Working With Dementia
  • Dementia: Dealing With Challenging Behaviors
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Prevention of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Introduction to Wellness: A Rehabilitation Perspective
  • Caregiver Support
  • Treatment of NeuroCognitive Disorders in Adolescents/Adults
  • Elder Abuse
  • Breathing and Postural Control: The Missing Link in your Rehab Program

Want to learn more about how you can provide access to these courses and more to your entire therapy team? Request a demo of today!

Ready to have access to all this and more? Schedule a Demo today to learn how!

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Administrative Best Practices - Online University

Administrative Best Practices For Your Online University

As the CE administrator (whether dedicated or by necessity) for your organizations online university, you will be faced with a host of procedures and potential challenges that you might not be prepared for. While the Learning Management System (LMS) is nearly foolproof, there are still a few things that you can do to make sure that you don’t fall behind or stress out.

Get To Know The System

Don’t rely on training or documentation alone! At the first opportunity, log into your new LMS and explore. Familiarize yourself with the admin panel, the terminology and the interface. Have questions? We have answers! Give us a call at 1.800.554.2387, we’ll be happy to help.

Stick To A Schedule

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, set aside a regular time to manage your employee roster, verify certifications, or generate reports. Doing it on an adhoc basis can leave you scrambling to produce a status update or report should any of your leadership team or licensing boards ask for it.

Stay Updated

We are adding new courses to our Seminar-on-Demand library every quarter. The easiest way to know what new and exciting courses we have that will improve your employees skill set is to keep an eye on our blog or open up the quarterly newsletter as soon as it hits your inbox.

Report Issues Immediately

Not only do we have answers, we have your back, too. If you or an employee encounter any issues with the system, contact us right away. We have staff available 7 days a week to make sure that your online university is running smoothly. Call us at 1.800.554.2387 or hit us up on LiveChat!

Brand New Continuing Education Courses Available

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added 16 brand new, flat out awesome continuing education courses to our catalog, to enhance the learning experience for your team.

Just check out this list:

  • Fundamentals for Childhood Occupations
  • Solutions For Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndromes: Evidence-Based Functional Interventions and Examination
  • Geriatric Balance and Fall Prevention: Evidence-based Examinations and Interventions
  • Manual Therapy for Instant Relief: Effective Techniques for Neck and Shoulder Dysfunction
  • Orthopedic Mythbusting
  • Rehabilitation for the Cardiac Impaired with an Adjunctive Look at the Vascular System
  • Rehabilitation Considerations for Patients with Primary or Secondary Pulmonary Disorders
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Alexia-Agraphia Treatment: Exploiting Neuroplasticity
  • Acquired Apraxia Treatment: Exploiting Neuroplasticity
  • Aphasia Treatment: Exploiting Neuroplasticity
  • Innovative Interventions to Treat Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Dance for Physical Therapy: Use of Ballet Barre and Dance Methods for Rehabilitation
  • Real Life Ethics: True Stories and Examples from the Massage Practice
  • Social Marketing 101

Phew…That’s a whole lotta courses. And the better news is that we’re already working on another batch for an August 1st (or sooner) release. If you’re team is already a part of the family, these courses are available now within their library. But if you haven’t come on over to the bright side yet, and want to learn how you can provide all these courses and more to your team for one flat fee, hit us up for a demo today!

Ready to have access to all this and more? Schedule a Demo today to learn how!

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Online Education - Learning Styles

Making the Switch to Online Education

Making the decision to move your hospital, therapy clinic, or organization from traditional classroom-style education to education delivered online can be daunting – How will we deliver it? Who will teach the courses? Will we need fancy systems and equipment? Will we handle continuing and professional education or just company training programs? All of these and many more relevant questions will come up. The questions can be overwhelming and the possible answers even more confounding. So, we’ve put together this quick checklist of what to expect when making the switch, and what to look for in your online continuing/professional education solution.

Delivery Mechanisms and Learning Styles

These days, there are many delivery mechanisms for online courses – text based, slideshow based, webinar style, video conferencing solutions, and video based. Each of these methodologies has different benefits for different learning styles. Text based courses provide for those who learn best by visual self-study, while webinars allow for the social or auditory learners, and video courses provide for those who want the engagement of a webinar, but need a more flexible option. Most of the available course styles heavily focus on one or two of the different learning types, rarely does an online course meet the needs of the three or four major learning styles – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and social. Knowing each of the learning styles among your team can be impossible, so how do you choose one to fit the needs of your entire staff?

Speakers, Presenters, Educators & Accreditation – Oh My!

The process of hiring a training staff, or booking outside educators for your team learning opportunities presents many challenges, and can be very expensive. When hiring a training staff for your hospital or therapy clinic you will need educators with many different backgrounds, from Physical Therapists, to Speech-Language Pathologists, you’ll need several trainers and educators to provide rich and fulfilling education to all departments. You can book outside educators, but timing becomes key for your therapy staff to be able to participate.

One of the greatest challenges to in-house educational content though is course accreditation. Each profession and in some cases each individual state carry their own rules and regulations for continuing education. Obtaining continuing education approval is a necessary part of providing such courses, but the time and energy involved is extensive, and hard to measure.

What about Course Administration?

Many teams choose to use a Learning Management System (LMS) to administer and manage education. An LMS will house your education, allow you to administer tests, and even report on system activity. LMS’ come in a variety of options including, cloud based, pay by the user, pay by features, and even free, open source. When it comes to finding what is right for your team consider the staff you currently have to administer the tool, whether IT will need to be involved during implementation and most importantly what types of content you have on hand to stock it. You’ll also need to verify that your course format and delivery method is accepted by the LMS you choose.

Putting It All Together

In the end you’ll need content (and lots of it), a tool to administer and mesure the understanding of your course content, and plenty of speakers and educators to deliver new and engaging content. The CEU360 solution addresses all of these needs for therapy and rehab teams, all within one easy to access, always on, system.

The Course DifferenceThe Content Cinema allows course participants to see and hear the instructor, see slides and visual aids on screen, interact with the instructor, watch demonstrative videos, and pause for hands-on-learning opportunities. Meeting all four of the learning styles mentioned above the Content Cinema provides the most engaging style of online presentation available. With over 400 hours of available video based education, your team is sure to find something that interests them. In addition to the available content we offer, we enable your team to create the additional content you’ll need such as, orientation programs, ongoing team training, compliance education, professional development, and even company culture or townhall content.

Our accreditation specialists work to ensure each of our courses are approved for the appropriate professions, and our team of professional content reviewers ensures each of the courses we offer will meet the learning needs of therapists. We offer courses for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Massage Therapy and Athletic Training professionals across the US.

Our Learning Management System comes equipped all the tools you need to ensure success within your team, including course comprehension management, accreditation management, reporting and more. So if you’re looking for more than just a shell-tool, then the complete educational solution is for you!

Ready to Learn More?

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In a free, customized demo, get all of your questions answered.

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3 Keys for Effectively Aligning Learning Goals to Business Objectives

When choosing the educational solution for your team it is important for companies to focus on business objectives  you can meet, or challenges that education can empower you to overcome. Many of the challenges large therapy companies face such as disconnection from front line therapy staff, employee turnover, providing visible opportunities for growth, and maintaining current compliance training goals, can all be addressed with the right combination of education and learning management tools.

Internal Communication

Many therapy companies are geographically spread out, and disconnection from front-line therapy staff can occur quickly. Problems that arise from this disconnect include lowered employee engagement, and increased turnover, and a feeling of alienation for these therapists. Such problems are amplified if your company provides home health services, contract therapy services, or outpatient rehab services. because of the simple geographical challenges companies face in uniting their internal brand and communications. An effective new hire and on-boarding process can help to strengthen your organization’s initial brand, and continuous training that reflects consistent attention to detail and company messaging will help maintain the long-term success of the team. A couple of questions to consider as you align your employee training programs to employee engagement are:

  • How do we consistently deliver the same company message and image to our team, year after year, and for each new hire?
  • How can we incorporate the brand into the fabric of the learning system, making it unique to our organization?

An increase in available online tools means companies have more options for providing consistent messaging to teams, including cloud based learning solutions, video based courses, and the development of specialized training programs. Using technology to provide impactful continuous employee training an employeer can strengthen your connection to the team, no matter how geographically disconnected they are.

Employee Performance

Employee engagement and lack of professional development opportunities are at the center of many employee turnover and retention challenges. A disengaged employee is five times more likely to quit an organization than an engaged employee. Five times! This makes access to engaging education, which provides the information they need to successfully do their jobs, while providing opportunities for professional advancement is priceless in the healthcare industry, where the jobs are a-plenty. Many employees site the reasons why they leave as three fold:

  • Lack of Advancement Opportunities
  • Lack of Support / Challenge
  • Lack of Communication / Leadership

So how do you address these challenges head on through education? Give them the information they need to do their jobs well from the start. Strengthen their commitment to succeed by allowing them to  advance their knowledge through challenging educational opportunities. And, develop consistent company level communication.

As we explored above, employee engagement can be increased with effective on-boarding programs, and continuous company training and communication. Providing education is a great start, but without proper alignment between education and the goals of both the individual and overall business strategies and objectives, the potential results crumble. Companies can align their education to company goals by thinking terms of individual employees, and both the soft and hard skills they need to advance to the next level. Understanding what information/education employees at all levels need is the first step to creating and delivering impactful, empowering education. So as you assess your learning needs you must ensure your potential solution:

  •  Allows you to create your own content to meet your business needs/ objectives.
  • Provides a vast array of clinical education opportunities to meet the needs of your team, no matter what their specific specialty may be.

Maintaining Compliance

The negative impacts of not maintaining regulatory compliance training can be costly – lost work, fines and legal actions are just a few of the potential consequences. Even if you have the education available, can you track it? Can you report on the completion of the courses? Better yet, can you mesure the success of the participant’s understanding of the course material? Answering “no” to any one of these questions can be just as costly as not providing any compliance training activities at all! Many organizations have a plethora of policies or procedures concerning regulatory compliance, but few have an effective means of tracking compliance training activities on an ongoing basis. Some companies claim to have a “magic pill” solution for tracking and measuring compliance training through Learning Management Systems (LMS). However, in many cases their LMS is clunky, outdated, and while it can provide thousands of different types of reports, still doesn’t report on the things that matter to your business. Your compliance management tool or LMS should be simple, easy to use, and display just the information that is useful to you:

  • Did my team complete their required training? 
  • Did they understand the training?

In most cases the answers to these questions are all you really need to report on continuing competency activities. Fancy reporting that requires a degree in rocket science is just not necessary, and makes managing the solution more burdensome than useful.

Your Turn…

Now I’m turning it over to you! What are some business challenges you’ve been able to address head on using education as the solution?

Does your current education solution allow you the flexibility to address your business challenges?


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The Financial Value of Professional Education

If the cost of professional education and employee training programs causes you to cringe – you’re not alone. Employee training or professional education programs can be costly, but investing in high quality training and professional education doesn’t have to break the bank, and it is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Corporate professional education programs can provide recruitment advantages, reduce turnover, and reduce operating costs.

Recruitment Advantage? Check!

With an average of 33.6% increase in job growth over the next 10 years expected among therapy professionals, it will be imperative for employers to remain competitive to attract and retain therapy professionals.

Over the next few years providing professional education will become less of a differentiator than a requirement among healthcare providers looking to be competitive and increase employee retention, so it becomes necessary that your educational program be flexible to accomodate specialized training and professional education. In order to maintain your differentiator it will be necessary to both partner with a leading provider of continuing and professional education, and to be capable to develop your own company training. The program allows for both through our available robust continuing education catalog, and our ability to rapidly create 100% white label, customized course materials for your university or professional development program.

Less Turnover? Yep!

Providing engaging and effective training to produce a well trained team will make a happier team. According to a 2010 Louis Harris and Associates poll, only 12% of employees with access to excellent training programs planned to leave, opposed to 41% whose employer provided poor training opportunities. So, better training results in a two-thirds higher retention rate!

In today’s age with more information coming at our employees than ever before, it is almost impossible to expect employees to learn by osmosis, without structured learning tools; the information onslaught is just too overwhelming. Creating a structured, measurable employee professional education program provides employees the tools they need to learn, and be content in growing within their current company rather than seeking greener pastures. And, as we saw earlier, once we’ve attained those coveted therapy professionals, we need to keep them learning to keep them happy, and engaged.

Decrease Costs? We can help with that.

For the healthcare world, proper training is non-negotiable. Continuing education is a mandated requirement for most healthcare professionals, and with ever changing complex documentation and reporting guidelines, proper on-the-job training can mean the difference in profitability. Highly trained, focused employees produce greater results, and are less likely to make costly mistakes. New hires experience a shorter ramp-up time if they are properly trained from the get-go, rather than trained “on-the-floor”, and well trained employees tend to be more engaged and stick around for the long haul, reducing turnover expense.

Professional development, continuing education, and company training can save many headaches within your team, and can help you accomplish your educational goals. With a straight forward pricing model that includes no startup costs, no maintenance fees, and no capital expense, is an affordable way to engage your team, and provide an appealing recruiting advantage. provides over 400 hours of continuing education for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Athletic Training, and Massage Therapy professionals, and has the technology to rapidly produce new content for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn how you can get started on the path to a more engaged workforce!

Ready to start saving?

Download our ROI Calculator to find out how much you can save with the program vs. other traditional educational options.Download the ROI Calculator

The Course Difference

The Difference

The difference is simple really – amazing, rapidly produced educational content, great technology, and most importantly awesome service!

Educational Content

Our technologically advanced Content Cinema provides the most engaging, interactive experience available online. Contrary to what most therapists are used to from an online course, they have the opportunity to watch demonstrative video, see 3D models, and other visual aids to enhance the learning experience. The combination of visual aids, lecture, and audio makes our courses the most advanced in the industry. We have over 300 hours of accredited content for the professions of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Athletic Training, and Massage Therapy, and we develop over 200 new hours of content per year.

The Course Difference

No matter what the learning style, auditory, visual, or kinesthetic, our courses have your team covered.

Where we really stand out though, is in our ability to rapidly produce amazing white-label content just for your organization. Need a training course? Need compliance or documentation training? What about career ladder training? We can help you develop and film your course – maximizing your online learning solution. Each of your customized courses can come with an affidavit of completion, or a post course exam for full comprehension management.

Learning Management System

The technologically advanced Learning Management System (LMS) was designed by clinicians for clinicians – making it easy to use and understand.

The Learning Management System for Therapists


We’re an education company with a high focus on technology – employing the most advanced systems and processes to ensure the best experience when participating in our online courses. Our ability to rapidly produce brand new content in a matter of days simply wouldn’t be possible without our technologically advanced Content Cinema. Our state-of-the-art production studio features high powered HD cameras, a teleprompter, and more!


Our highly trained, super friendly Customer Success Team ensures your team gets the answers they need, when they need them! We are here for your team and your administrators Monday – Sunday from 7am – 10pm CT, 365 days a year! We are all trained in the ways of course accreditation, and continuing education rules, and we’ll help with any technical problems as well.


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