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An LMS with Athletic Training Programs: Could it Work for Your Company?

An LMS with Athletic Training Programs: Could it Work for Your Company?The field of athletic training has grown over the past 20 years. Athletic trainers are being widely pursued in schools, colleges, sports programs, fitness centers, rehabilitation facilities, weight loss clinics, home health companies, and sports medicine clinics. In addition, companies now hire athletic trainers as integral medical service providers for their employees. Why are athletic trainers so popular? The certified athletic trainer is a highly educated and skilled health professional who provides valuable services for athletic and health care teams.

Athletic Training Programs:

Certified athletic trainers are required by the BOC (Board of Certification) to achieve continuing education credits to maintain their licensure. According to the BOC, by the current period ending on December 31, 2015:

  • ATs certified before 2014 must complete 50 CEUs, which must include at least 10 Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEUs.
  • ATs certified in 2014 must complete 25 CEUs, which must include at least 5 Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEUs.

Therefore, facilities that employ athletic trainers are now seeking solutions to help their valued employees achieve these required CE credits. Instead of having to pay a significant fee to send their athletic trainers to continuing education conferences (and cause missed time from work!), a growing number of businesses have started utilizing an LMS tailored with athletic training programs. In fact, any company that provides either recreational or therapeutic personal training programs can save a substantial amount of money from using this type of cloud-based LMS.

What is an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a content-publishing platform that allows businesses to create online educational courses for their employees; although, LMS programs have evolved over recent years due to the expectations of business owners. Today, it isn’t enough to offer a company “just another piece of software” – the best businesses expect total learning solutions. The optimal LMS can be specialized for athletic training facilities, providing a one-stop employee training software application for delivering, administering, documenting, and tracking online education including required continuing education courses.

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What is the benefit of using an LMS?

A customized LMS can consolidate all employee training content into one central location regardless of the teaching format – text, video, audio, slide presentations, etc.  Plus, the centrality of teaching information allows existing content to be updated easily or new content to be added in a very short period of time.

That’s where we come in. CEU360’s LMS is packed with over 350 hours of continuing education courses specifically tailored to athletic trainers, including EBP courses. And, we are a BOC-approved provider and NSCA CEU provider.

CEU360’s Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Courses:

  • Evaluation and Treatment of the Adolescent Overhead Athlete
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Non-surgical and Surgical SLAP Disorders
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis: A Paradigm Shift
  • Applying Research to Practice
  • Nutrition for Endurance Athletes: Evidence Based Protocols

Want to learn more?

CEU360 offers a vast selection of elite continuing education courses, regulatory compliance training courses and more – all in one place! Learn more about utilizing our learning management system at your facility.

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If you are an athletic trainer and your company does not currently provide CEU options, don’t worry. You can purchase Athletic Training Program Flex Packages here to get premium Seminar-On-Demand (videos), including EBP courses, and text courses at a big discount.

Originally published in 2014.