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The Disarray of Healthcare: Why Elite CEUs Matter

Continuing education of healthcare professionals is absolutely essential!

Why Elite CEUs MatterWith accelerating advances in technology, health providers must maintain and improve their knowledge and skills throughout their career to provide safe and effective patient care. Yet, continuing education in the healthcare field is currently in a state of disarray. According to research, two fundamental problems exist:

1.) Many accrediting CE organizations do not promote teamwork within a healthcare facility. Inter-professional collaboration, however, is key to high-quality care.[1] To improve the performance of health systems, employers should focus on consistent CEU options for their entire team. For example, Sally, P.T. attends a CE conference in Phoenix while John, P.T. attends a separate CE conference in Miami. Both conferences address similar topics, but the material presented is somewhat contradictory. Thus, Sally, P.T. and John, P.T. return to their facility providing inconsistent patient care.

2.) Sometimes, there are biases with commercial interests who fund continuing education courses. Unfortunately, this blatant bias can result in off-label and poorly-researched use of specific products or therapies. However, increasing industry restrictions have helped reduce commercial involvement (pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers) in accredited CE activities.[2]

To top it off, health professionals often worry about finding the time to obtain their required continuing education credits with an already busy, stressful workload. But despite all of these problems, CEUs are critically important!

Research-based continuing education is essential to prudent patient care and improved patient outcomes.

If you’re looking for unbiased, elite CEUs for you or your staff, CEU360 can help. We provide over 650 hours of reliable, consistent, research-based courses presented by distinguished experts:

  1. Your staff can obtain high-quality, elite CEUs that promote the latest research-based guidelines for their profession;
  2. All team members receive a consistent message; and,
  3. Your staff has the opportunity to complete their CEUs at their own convenience.

In addition, we offer a vast selection of continuing education formats:

  • On-Demand
  • Video
  • Slides/Demonstrative Materials
  • Live Webinar

continuing-education-course-catalog-coverYou can have peace of mind knowing over 650 offerings of elite CEUs are easily accessible to your entire staff… 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. And, you can be assured that the education your healthcare professionals receive is unbiased, research-based and taught by leaders in their respective fields.

To learn more about our elite CEUs, click here or view our course catalog.

“White Label” Custom Content:

You can also include custom content in your online library. This will ensure your specific company messages are delivered consistently to those who are on the front lines treating patients.

Attention Healthcare Employers:

With over 650 hours of elite CEUs and plans to develop 300+ new hours of content annually, CEU360 provides options to meet your growing facility’s needs – without the headaches, or the expensive fees!

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300+ Hours of New Courses Developed Annually!

Here’s a small sampling of our newest content:

  1. Differential Diagnosis for Musculoskeletal Assessment of the Spine
  2. When Your Young Client is Defiant: Simple Strategies to Manage Defiant/Challenging Behavior
  3. Applying the Evidence: Manual Therapy and Corrective Therapeutics of the Extremities
  4. Evidence-Based Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy Interventions
  5. Geriatric Massage: Evidence-Based Approach to Improve Functional Outcomes and Quality of Life

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[3] The Value of Continuing Education in the Health Professions by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions. [Accessed April 22, 2014.]

Originally published in 2014.