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Infographic: New Hire Orientation in Healthcare

The learning management system (LMS) solution is powered by cutting edge technology and innovation. Our advanced content delivery system is easy to use and deploy – a simple choice that fulfills your new hire orientation, compliance training and continuing education needs.


Free White Paper

Our white paper, New Hire Orientation Process: Facilitating a Successful Onboarding Program addresses the following topics:

  • The Financial Benefits of a Great Onboarding ProgramNew-Hire-White-Paper
  • What an Onboarding Program Should Look Like
  • Orientation to Your Company’s Culture and Performance Values
  • Insight into Your Strategic Position and Direction
  • Career Support
  • Compliance Training (HIPAA, OSHA and more)
  • Documenting Employee Training
  • New Hire Orientation Checklist
  • Employee Training Plan Template
  • How to Implement Employee Training
  • Assessing an Onboarding Program

Download Now → New Hire Orientation Process: Facilitating a Successful Onboarding Program