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Recent Health Articles: AOTA Annual Conference 2016, Senior Safety, Health Effects of Sit-Stand Desks, and More!

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Top Health Updates:

#1The 2016 AOTA Conference: You Belong Here!

It’s time to join your fellow OTs for an unforgettable experience in the Windy City of Chicago. Chicago provides the perfect setting for the 2016 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo, which embraces the profession’s distinct value to connect, collaborate, and strategize. – Read more

#2 Adequate Therapy Can Help Kids, Adults With Down Syndrome

Awareness about Down Syndrome and early intervention is very important to help children with Down syndrome develop gross, motor, language, cognitive and other skills to the best of their abilities. The aim is through early intervention and continuous, integrated and coordinated forms of therapy, as many people with Down Syndrome can adapt into mainstream schools.- Read more

#3 SLPs, Apps and Mobile Devices

Implementing new technology in speech therapy gives patients motivation, portability and independence. Since there are now hundreds of apps on the market, SLPs don’t have to rely on a “one size fits all” standard either. Rather, they can ask “what augmentative communication tools and strategies will best meet the needs of the individual”- Read More

#4 Feds Aim To Improve Academics Among Students With Behavior Issues

Federal education officials are taking new steps to address the academic needs of students with disabilities who have significant behavior challenges.- Read More

More News & Recent Health Articles:

Health Effects of Sit-Stand Desks Still Unproven, Scientists Suggest

According to a recently published Cochrane Review, the benefits of interventions—such as sit-stand desks—to reduce the amount of time workers sit during the day are still uncertain.- Read More.

The Paperless Practice: Converting Management Operations From Manual to Electronic Delivers Quantifiable Benefits.

As healthcare continues to experience a shift from manual record management to electronic practice management systems, owners of private therapy practices are finding newfound ease and success in day-to-day operations.- Read More

The Benefits of Staying Engaged in Life Despite Chronic Pain

Pain acceptance involves being OK with experiencing pain and continuing to do things one enjoys and care about in spite of the pain. In this research, therapist wanted to find out how pain acceptance might affect people’s lives and well-being over time.- Read More

Confident Patient Transfers: Safety For Seniors May Require More Instruction, More Patience From Therapists.

Considerations for safe transfers must come into play for small moves — such as from bed to chair — as well as for those of greater distance — from acute care to rehab or home. –Read More

Meet The Schoolboys Raising Awareness Of Ccommunication Issues – By Telling Jokes

Two schoolboys from the UK reached the finals of a national joke-telling competition, and shone a light on the importance of making the classroom inclusive for youngsters with communication difficulties.

Physical Therapy Provides an Alternative to the Rising Use of Opioids

Opioid use is spiraling out of control in the United States and those suffering from pain conditions need an alternative. Some are heralding physical therapy as a safe and effective alternative to treating pain without the threat of addiction.

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