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What is “White Label LMS”?

The term “white label” began back during the disco era when vinyl records were pre-released to the press and radio stations. Before the album artwork was designed and printed, promotional copies of records were sent out in white sleeves to stir up excitement about upcoming record releases.

Although records are now antiquated, the term “white label” has lingered over the years and taken on new meanings. Today, “white label” most often refers to a product or service that is created by one company and distributed under another company’s brand name. In the case of “white label LMS”, a learning management system is custom-designed with unique content (company logos, font, etc.) to integrate with an organization’s branding.

White label can also refer to the actual content stored within a learning management system. In’s learning management system, clients can produce tailored seminar-on-demand training and educational white label videos for their employees in addition to having access to a white label branded university experience.

CEU360's LMS

Choose CEU360 to Design Your White Label LMS:

  • White Label LMSBranded University.’s design experts can quickly brand your learning management system complete with your logo, custom URL, and custom login page to ensure your employees have a seamless experience.
  • Custom Content Creation. can create new training and educational content for your organization with a matter of days (not months or even weeks) which means you don’t have to wait to provide company messaging and training materials to your employees.
  • Utilization Tracking & Reporting.’s customized reports ensure you are able to track usage and compliance on your terms.
  • No IT Department Involvement. The LMS enables a rich learning environment free from many of the headaches that plague most online delivery mediums such as limited media types, extensive buffering, sub-par audio quality, and poor presentation. And best of all: our agile solution requires no expensive IT department. With minimal training to use and deploy, the CEU360 LMS is a simple choice that fulfills your education and training needs.

Get a White Label LMS for Your Company’s robust learning management system delivers customized company messaging, continuing education, and employee training materials.

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